Nicolas Paolozzi

Nicolas Paolozzi is an artist and architect who taught himself lighting design. He’s developing a cross-cutting architectural practice with RDV Collectif, which was founded in Grenoble in 2011. Stage sets, shows, signing systems and pop-up micro-architecture – Paolozzi’s creations enhance, transform and interact with the environment. Nicolas is attracted by the idea of sharing a visual and sound experience that promotes the cross-fertilization of skills and brings the public together around unifying events. Today Paolozzi is based in Lyon, where he continues to explore the possibilities of image and sound by developing immersive and interactive projects.

By the same artist

TOTEM (2018)

Welcome to the Festival! Nicolas Paolozzi's tall, sleek totems of light are beacons to help you find your way around the city. Once again this year, the five Indian-style totems will help you get your bearings as well as being perfect places for meeting up with friends before setting off to enjoy the Festival.

Abyss (2018)

Drawing inspiration from the principle of bioluminescence (generating light in complete darkness as some sea creatures are able to do), arcs of light form the dorsal fin of a huge mythical creature on Place Louis Pradel, which looks to have escaped from a Jules Verne novel. Continuing his inclination for interactive projects, Nicolas Paolozzi invites audiences to join together under his work of art. This fun and reflective installation responds to requests, moving over and over again according to random sequences triggered by spectators.