Philippe Cotten

Philippe Cotten, also known as CozTen, sees public spaces as living beings, with both a body and a soul. Beyond a simple formal composition, each site also resonates with its own history, environment, myths and legends.

During the Fête des Lumières 2006 and 2010 CozTen lit the Fourvière Hill with, respectively, « the Paths of Light » and « The Sun meets the Moon ». Among his numerous compositions are the Builders of Eternity, Tours Cathedral (2005) and Dreams of Light at the Grande Arche de la Défense – Paris.

Former editions of the Fête des Lumières:
2006 : « The path of the lights »
2010 : « The Sun and Moon meet »
2012 : « Interior gardens »

By the same artist

Soleil (2016)

Fourvière Hill, Lyon 5

The sky and the elements take possession of Fourvière Hill. From the setting of the sun until the stars and night owls arrive, through to dawn and its characteristic light, it reveals an entirely different face: that of its natural environment. Monumental light installations and subtle and changing lighting create surprise. The way we normally see the hill is transformed ...

View from the Bonaparte Bridge and the banks of the Saône.

Technical support: Layher, L'ETES et de L'YD RESTE

Interiors Gardens (2012)

Nature takes over as night falls, in this flagship building of the new Confluence quarter, lit for the first time as part of the Fête des Lumières. Strange and gigantic plants seem to be growing in the moist atmosphere of an immense tropical greenhouse. They seem to invade the space, absorbing the light, transforming it into a dark green glow. Giant flowers, bursting with bright colour, emerge and open their petals. From outside the building, spectators experience the strength and exuberance of nature. Faced with this power, they appear small and vulnerable. Inside, the spectators are welcomed by a musical performance from the choir and the instrumental ensemble of the Concert de l’Hostel Dieu, under the musical direction of Franck-Emmanuel Comte.

Sun and Moon meet (2010)

These two buildings form the core of an atmospheric, heavenly adventure visible from the left bank of the river Saône. Conjuring up the flooding and storm of 1852, the chevets of the basilica and cathedral are attacked by lightning and rising floodwater respectively. With the lull in the storm, the sun and moon will appear and, in the unchanging cycle of day and night, will cloak the monuments and the hill with their glow which can be bright, soft or light and dark by turns. Using moving and spectacular staging, the show uncovers a hitherto unseen view of the hill situated between the heavens, the earth and the Saône. The artistic choice of lighting, the monumental moon structure and the large-scale stage effects sublimate the architecture of the Saint-Jean cathedral and the Fourvière basilica by giving them a whole new look.