Theoriz - David Chanel & Jonathan Richer

The Théoriz studio for art and technological creation includes a team of professionals made of engineers, new media artists and creative software programmers. Théoriz creates interactive installations and video projections and uses its skill in video mapping, robotics, interactivity and augmented reality on behalf of the performing arts, events and contemporary art.

Using last released technologies, they create interactive installation, video projection systems and cutting edge technology adapted for the live performance.

Théoriz Studio, called Théoriz Crew at their beginning, first ever appears at the light festival of Lyon 2011 with « Pacmanize Me », project based on the famous Pacman™ game on place Sainte-Anne (Lyon 3e). They works, in 2012, on « Sensibles walls », produced by « Aimez-Vous Brahms ? », an interactive installation where the participant can communicate with the building via his gestures and the facade is answering to him with emotions.

The year after, they contribute with the creators team of « Dessine-moi … des lumières » project, to create the first ever projection on a painting wall : « Le mur des Lyonnais » (Lyon 1e) a famous painting on a wall in Lyon. 

By the same artist

Crystallized (2016)

Crystallized is an astonishing metal sculpture, animated with acoustic effects and holographic videos. In the setting of the Cour Renaissance in Musées Gadagne, let yourself be enchanted by the permanent movement of this mysterious work, inspired by the chemical element of bismuth and the physical laws of light.

Musician: Tristan Spella (aka Mat3r Dolorosa)
Visuals: Victor Drapeau, Jonathan Richer, David Chanel
Construction: Julien Aubry, Yves Richer, La main Collectif
Architect: Stefano Santalato

With the support of the Association des commerçants du cours Gambetta, la direction de l'Economie, du Commerce et de l' Artisanat, la Région Rhône-Alpes fonds [SCAN], La Main Collectif. With the assistance of the DRAC Rhône-Alpes and Jarring Effect. With thanks to Alteréaliste.

From 8 p.m. to midnight, from 8 to 10 December.
Special extension:
 evenings throughout December, from Wednesday to Friday, 5.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. and on Saturday, 17 December.

Cinematographic Journey (2014)

Perrache Vaults, Lyon 2

Go back to the early days of cinema with a setting that evokes the late nineteenth century.  In the footsteps of an imaginary character and through a number of film extracts, this journey will show you the major milestones in the cinematic adventure and give you an idea of its future.

Cross the Christmas Market on the west (Saône) side toward Perrache Station and enter under the vaults

Draw me… lights (2013)

For the first time since its creation, the mural of famous Lyon residents comes to life! Through the magic of a monumental projection, these celebrities take you on a dreamlike journey through different epochs and universes – back to the time of the first film by the Lumière brothers, through the Little Prince's starry sky and along with Guignol to meet marionettes from around the world.

Living walls (2012)

A method for making walls speak. « Living walls » is a fun, interactive sound and video installation. Following in the footsteps of « Pacmanize Me », presented in 2011, the Théoriz Crew collective continues to explore the potential for dialogue between human beings and urban architecture. Movement sensors allow the Alliance Française building on the Place Bahadourian to reveal its feelings: the walls come to life.

Pacmanize me (2011)

« PACMAN », the famous video game of the eighties, is invited onto a 220 m² building façade for an interactive video game performance. Your body becomes a joystick, allowing you to control your avatar. Place Sainte-Anne is metamorphosed into a vast playground where the only rule is having fun!