Review of the 2016 edition


In a restricted area, the people of Lyon were able to enjoy the Festival of Lights once again, making this 17th edition a public and artistic success!

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Be at the heart of the festival!


Participate fully in the 2016 Festival of Lights. On the app, the website or social networks ... your turn to play!

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Useful tips


Every year over 4 million visitors come to enjoy the experience of the Festival of Lights in Lyon! To ensure that it doesn’t turn into an “evening to forget”, here are a few useful tips which will help you make the most of this event in the best possible way.

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Let's candlelight our city!


The Festival of lights is rooted in its territory and Lyon’s history. This historical bond is especially expressed on the 8th of December when everyone enlightens its windows or balcony with candles.

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Lyon illuminates the Fine Arts Museum in Ho Chi Minh City


This lighting for the Art Deco building, located in the heart of the city, is planned for 2017. It is part of a long-term cooperation with Vietnam.

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A new combined security system


This morning, the City of Lyon presented the outline of the arrangements put in place for this new edition of the Festival: it will take place over a smaller area, a secure area, with the Festival being concentrated in the city centre for a reduced time-span of three days.

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Lyon and Zigong: In the Spotlight Together


As part of a continuing collaboration with China, the City of Lyon took part in the famous Lantern Festival of Zigong, a city in Sichuan province that now partners with Lyon.

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2016 Program


Since the program scheduled for 2015 was postponed, there will be no call for projects this year.

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Lyon inspires Lumiere London


From January 14 to 17, 2016, the first edition of Lumiere London made the British capital glow. Thirty-one artistic installations were presented in the streets and emblematic neighborhoods of central London, from Mayfair to Westminster, by way of Regent Street, Piccadilly Circus and King's Cross.

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Official announcemen: Festival of Lights 2015


Due to the recent and tragic events, the Festival of Lights cannot take place the usual way. The City of Lyon has decided to move this year's program up to December 2016. This year, we invite you to stand united and solidary as we light up candles and illuminate the city, on December the 8th, in a tribute to the victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris.

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