Review of the 2016 edition

The Festival of Lights installations could be seen on 3 evenings, from 8 p.m. to midnight. While the length of the Festival was reduced this year, a lot of sites enjoyed greater visitor numbers over the 3-day period.

This was true of the Place des Terreaux. The Sans dessus-dessous spectacle by Joseph Couturier attracted 720,000 spectators over the 3 evenings. At Saint-Jean, 300,000 people flocked to Old Lyon to see Evolutions, the creation by Yann Nguema from the Ez3kiel group.

The Ancient Theatres of Fourvière, a fantastic setting for the Candles of the Heart

The NGO Electriciens sans Frontières was the beneficiary of the Candles of the Heart operation organised on the site of the Ancient Theatres of Fourvière. On the evening of 8 December, 380 volunteers were there to help create a giant fresco with the 30,000 candles. The association raised 76,000 euros from the sale of candles. A total of 420 volunteers worked at the points of sale of the candles and at the ancient theatre for the 3 evenings of the Festival.


The City of Lyon Prize, in which the 30 most “liked" photos on Instagram went before a judging panel, was awarded to Nicolas Navrot.

The winner of the Recylum 2016 Trophy was Platonium, the installation in the courtyard of City Hall - Eric Michel / Akari Lisa Ishii (I. C. O. N.) – Project CNRS.

The Partners Club prize went to Incandescens, the installation on the site of the Ancient Theatres of Fourvière - Jérôme Donna / Simon Milleret-Godet – Production: City of Lyon Public Lighting Department.

And finally the Trophy of Lights organised by France 3 was awarded to Evolutions, Saint-Jean Cathedral – Yann Nguema, EZ3kiel – Production: La Maison Production.


The Festival on the internet

For several years now, there have been various ways for visitors to experience the Festival on the internet and social networks. This year for the first time, numbers of web surfers using mobiles (48%) overtook other internet users (43%), while the number of people connected via tablet fell slightly (9%). Web surfers, large numbers of whom visited the 3 trails offered on the web, preferred the following installations:

Over 80,000 visitors used the interactive map for geolocating the light installations and the outline of the security zone.

The various publications on the Facebook Festival of Lights page were viewed 1,328,327 times over the 7-day period. On Instagram, 15,000 photos were uploaded using #FDL2016.
And last but not least, the YouTube videos about the Festival recorded 100,000 views.

The dedicated app was also a popular download: 29,570 times over the 3 days.

The welcome for tourists

This year once again, the Tourist Office was at the centre of the huge tourist and multicultural attraction of the Festival of Lights. 17,370 people were welcomed on Place Bellecour from 8 to 11 December by Lyon Tourism and Congresses, 40% of them being foreign visitors. The top 5 in terms of foreign visitor numbers were: Italians, Spanish, Germans, English and Swiss. 286 guided visits were led by the Guides Office, i.e. 7,900 people guided during the day and evening in the city from 8 to 11 December.