Lyon illuminates the Fine Arts Museum in Ho Chi Minh City

Indeed, the City of Lyon has already been involved in the lighting of many other iconic buildings in the Vietnamese capital, such as the Ho Chi Minh City Museum in 1996, the City Hall in 2004, the opera in 2008 and the central post office in 2013.



Focus on the Public Lighting Department of the City of Lyon

Lyon is one of the rare major cities in France to have a municipal department which is responsible for all the public lighting in its territory. In fact the mission of the hundred or so employees forming this department covers the entire sector: from light design to works on the networks, studies, and energy buying; and this guarantees the city’s independence in the day-to-day management and in terms of innovation in the area of lighting.

The excellence of Lyon’s skills in the field of “light design” and urban lighting is today an essential factor in the international reputation of Lyon and the entire agglomeration. In addition to the cooperation with Vietnam, the City of Lyon’s departments have forged numerous partnerships. In particular, they have illuminated the Hermitage Palace in St Petersburg. Havana, Hanoi, Sétif and Jericho are all prestigious examples of this dynamic driven from Lyon by the City’s public lighting. Lyon is also behind the creation in 2002 of LUCI (Lighting Urban Community International), a global network of Light Cities, the current president of which comes from Gothenburg (Sweden); this network provides an opportunity for the 70 member cities to compare their experiences and to share their expertise.