A new combined security system


Last year, the City of Lyon took the decision to transform the Festival of Lights into a tribute to the victims of the 13 November attacks. We hoped in this way to express our unity, our spirit of resistance, and also our vigilance. In a context in which the threat of terrorism remained high, we thus demonstrated our sense of responsibility while staying faithful to the spirit of an event which is part of the history and identity of our city.

This same mindset has guided us this year too. We did not want to cancel this iconic event for our city and we therefore decided to change it, by reducing its duration and its scope, so as to be able to ensure everyone’s safety. Although more dense and more concentrated, the 2016 Festival of Lights will nonetheless be packed with great iconic projects.

This year the Festival of Lights will take place over 3 days, instead of the usual 4: it will run from Thursday, 8 to Saturday, 10 December, and from 8 p.m. to midnight.

For several weeks now, work has been carried out jointly by the City of Lyon, the Prefecture of the Rhône, the DDSP and the SDMIS, to define the security conditions under which the Festival of Lights will be held. The reduced area comprises the Presqu’île, Vieux Lyon and the site of the Ancient Theatre of Fourvière.

“The State has worked alongside the City of Lyon so that the Festival of Lights can be held this year,” explains Michel Delpuech, Prefect of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region and Prefect of the Rhône. “The complementarity between the various departments will ensure greater security for this new configuration of the Festival of Lights.”

An anti-intrusion system will be deployed at entrances / exits to and from the event, where inspections and screening will be carried out. They will be manned by the national police, the municipal police and private security officers. As every year, the emergency services, including the fire service, will also have a strong presence. For the 3 days of the Festival, car parking will be restricted on certain roads located in the defined perimeter, within which circulation will be prohibited.

The full programme for this year will be released around 8 November 2016.