Candles of the Heart

Showing solidarity!

In keeping with the original spirit of the Festival of Lights, on 8 December every year, Lyon’s residents and visitors are invited to make a gesture of generosity with operation Lumignons du Cœur [Candles of the Heart].
The principle is simple: buy one or more Lumignons du Cœur to play a part in creating a light scenography which this year will be on the side of the Odeon of the Ancient Theatre of Fourvière.
The profits from these sales are passed on to a different charity every year. This year, the chosen charity is Electriciens sans frontières which is celebrating 30 years of existence in 2016.

Light a candle over here to shed light over there

Electriciens sans frontières is an international solidarity NGO which facilitates access to electricity for the most deprived populations. With the solid foundation of its 1,200 volunteers, its aim is to develop, in conjunction with local players, permanent access to the cleanest possible, efficient and reliable energy, and thus to guarantee education, health, social connection, security, access to water etc.
The association is currently involved in 120 projects in 29 countries worldwide, including long-term projects and humanitarian crises. Electriciens sans frontières is taking part in the Festival of Lights and operation Lumignons du Cœur with a powerful message: Light a candle over here to shed light over there.


A unique fresco of light in the heart of the Ancient Theatre of Fourvière

For this 2016 edition, a scenography based on the candle and the flame will be created every evening of the Festival of Lights, with a special evening on 8 December.
Around 20,000 candles will thus be placed on the steps of the Odeon and the nearby lawn (on 8 December, there will be over 30,000 candles ...). These thousands of candles will reveal a fresco depicting the Festival of Lights.

Practical information: Lumignons du cœur [Candles of the heart] are available at any of the dedicated points of sale and cost €2 each; they will be available in the week leading up to the event.


Associations that have benefited from Lumignons du Cœur support: