International know-how

The Festival of Lights is much more than just a Lyon event. It has become a source of inspiration and creation around the world. Many works presented in Lyon are “replayed” elsewhere in France and internationally. The staff of the Events Department collaborate with ONLYLYON, the city's international promotion programme. The growing international reach of the Festival of Lights has transitioned from a project management model to a genuine local area marketing model.

ONLYLYON seizes these international events as opportunities to promote Lyon, its art of living and cultural vitality, particularly in lighting design, which continues to powerfully enhance Lyon's image. ONLYLYON has even developed a special logo and tagline to show the Lyon origins of these international lighting events: “Inspired by Lyon’s Festival of Lights”.


Lodz (Poland) - Light Move Festival


The 6th Festival of Lights of Lodz celebrated the 25 th year of twinning between Poland's third-largest city and Lyon.

To celebrate this anniversary, Lodz welcomed two artists who regularly show at the Lyon Festival of Lights: Patrice Warrener and TILT.

The organisers of the Festival of Lights of Lodz also requested the City of Lyon to help them produce the monumental light show at the festival's most famous site. Yves Moreaux proposed an intensely poetic show on three buildings located on Liberty Square.


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Quito (Ecuador)

For the United Nations Habitat III Conference, the city of Quito requested assistance from the staff of the Lyon Festival of Lights to organise the first such festival in South America. About ten sites will be illuminated in the historic centre of the capital of Ecuador. Three Lyon-based projects have been selected: those of Laurent Langlois, Patrice Warrener and Laniakea, a piece by the Department of Public Lighting of the City of Lyon, which was very popular at Place Antonin Poncet during the 2014 festival.

Bogota (Colombia)

The first Cultural Exchange Year organised in South America since France-Brazil Year in 2009, the France-Colombia year will begin in December 2016. As part of the exchange programme, the team from the Lyon Festival of Lights will organise the opening show on Plaza Bolivar in Bogotá. Artist Damien Fontaine, associated  with  the  teams  in  Lyon,  has  designed  a  show  that  will  focus on the themes of encounters, tolerance and reconciliation. The goal of the France-Colombia cultural exchange year 2017 is to contribute  to  the  profound  transformation  of  the  country  and  its efforts to shine on the international stage.

Shangai (China)

In 2015, “Lumière China” was an occasion to present two designs from the Lyon Festival of Lights in the all-new business district called “The Hub”, next to Shanghai-Pudong Airport. After the first event, which attracted thousands of visitors, the “Lumière  China”  festival  will  be  held  again  from  December  12,  2016 to January 12, 2017, with new designs proudly made in Lyon.

Montréal (Canada)

Lyon will be the next guest city at the Montréal en Lumière Festival. For the celebration of the 250th anniversary of the founding of Montreal, a new ILLUMINART path of lights will be put in place. The artistic coordination of this new event is jointly performed by the teams from Montreal and from the Lyon Festival of Lights, with the participation of various artists who have already contributed to recent festivals.