BIBI is a visual artist that has been creating installations in public areas since 1991, specialising in the use of recycled objects made of plastic. He views plastic as a "6th element" and invites audiences to think about this material and how it has invaded our environment. Although Bibi's work can sometimes appear childlike, it often tackles darker themes, such as Hell. Following on from the King of Dragons and Red Elephant, this year sees the third part of the triptych on his favourite theme. His installations have been displayed worldwide, in Singapore, Moscow, Sydney and Shanghai.

By the same artist

L'Enfer de BIBI, c'est ici (2017)

Don’t be afraid of entering the gates of Hell because BIBI’s version is a fun place inhabited by glowing plastic imps which look a bit like elves or pixies.

This installation is located next to Saint-Nizier church and pays tribute to the medieval depictions of hell decorating its front entrance.

250 cheeky devils festoon the branches of the plane tree, observing the frenzy of the Festival of Lights from afar.

Are they friends or fiends?

Éléphant rouge (2016)

An enormous LED-covered red elephant lights Place Béraudier with a luminous glow. Is this a hallucination? Of course not. In the vast zoo of the city, the elephant watches you intently with his green eyes and invites you to pay him a visit in his new urban habitat.

Project sponsored by Vinci Immobilier.

The King of Dragons (2012)

A strange creature of darkness has dropped into the fountain of the Place de la République. With its 98 foot long, the creature with its choleric temper unrolls its immense silhouette around the fountain.

Ceaseless vibrating colour, ever-changing, spitting out clouds of light and smoke, is this unusual dragon simply short of space or trying to impress his audience? Made from re-cycled materials and LED screens this gentle monster is born of a highly coloured and poetic imagination and will captivate the young and enchant the older.

Played again at:
Dubaï festival of lights 2014