COLLECTIF SCALE and Lucie Antunes

Since 2011, COLLECTIF SCALE has been developing and experimenting with visual displays for the music scene and contemporary creations. This multi-disciplinary collective from Paris designs projects based on augmented art, mastering the craft of enhancing music through images and light. Their list of collaborations is impressive, from Christine and the Queens to Carl Craig. For their first Festival of Lights in 2019, they are presenting an original creation featuring the multi-instrumentalist Lucie Antunes, whose first album Sergei was released in October. A première in the run-up to the musician’s tour, in which COLLECTIF SCALE has been invited to continue its collaboration.

By the same artist

CODA (2019)

The Hotel Dieu, Lyon 2

Under the glass canopy of the Cour du Midi, 20 hinged arms embark on an illuminated ballet borne aloft by an original composition by Lucie Antunes. Bathed in the mist, the machines reveal their mechanical limbs enhanced with bars of light, whose incandescent rays seem to cut through the air. This strange, avant-garde pantomime lies somewhere between an apparent reference to George Lucas's lightsabres and an artistic performance that is precise to a fraction of an inch, borrowing its language from choreographer William Forsythe. CODA is the futuristic transposition of a dance in which the almost-organic machines suddenly seem to be humanised. It’s a work of anticipation, immersive and mysterious, where light supplants the human. 

Artists: COLLECTIF SCALE and Lucie Antunes