Kamel Yahimi and Julie Brossette

Julie Brossette worked in fashion before turning to event organization in 2010. The designer draws inspiration from London for her temporary pop-art installations. She now creates projects for the La Rochelle Francofolies music festival, Musilac Chamonix and the Yeah Festival as well as for her renowned Pop Up Markets. Kamel Yahimi explores the concept of identity. In his capacity as an artist and as the artistic director of fashion trade shows Who’s Next and Première Classe for twenty years, he has had occasion to rub shoulders with stylists and creatives from all walks of life. He collects the symbols of a generation which he subverts in his artworks communicating in a novel form of language.




By the same artist

Can You See The Light (2019)

Inspired by the pop culture and the glitzy world of Las Vegas, with a nod to James Brown in the Blues Brothers, Can You See The Light combines kitsch colours, cartoon detail and the aesthetics of American illuminated billboards. Out of respect for the environment, the artists have used natural, noble materials such as wood, in addition to a large quantity of LED bulbs, thumbing their noses at the "plastic" and "electric" world of North American culture. The 6-metre high light installation rises up like a mirage, maliciously distorting the famous Route 66 motel signs.