Nicolas Paolozzi

Nicolas Paolozzi is a plastic artist and architect who co-founded the collective RDV in 2011. Harnessing the talents of artists from different disciplines, Nicolas Paolozzi has gradually developed a cross-disciplinary approach to architecture exploring the possibilities of sound and image through stage sets, shows, performance art and pop-up micro-architecture.

Since 2017 he has moved towards exploring architecture on a macro scale. Considering space as a set of interactions, he designs hybrid structures oscillating between tangible and intangible materials enveloping the spectator in the strangest of spatial experiences. 

By the same artist

La créature du lac (2021)

Tête d'Or Park, Lyon 6

Come and meet Hydra, a mythical creature that has lived in the park's lake for thousands of years. Like a gigantic sea serpent, it emerges from the water at nightfall to wander among the visitors, its body twisting and turning amidst a field of lotus flowers, symbols of the
of tenderness of the soul and compassion. This protective spirit watches lovingly over the plant and animal life of the park.

A soft luminous energy flows through the creature's body and, as you get closer, you can hear its whispers enveloped in a soothing cocoon of sound.


Artistic intent

We feel tiny in comparison to this huge creature! This unhurried moment filled with sweetness and light prompts us to reflect upon the relationship between Humans and Nature. 


Sound track: Baptiste Martineau

TOWER (2019)

TOWER is a three-part artistic signage project designed to welcome the public and help them find their way around the city. From a distance, five glowing horizontal bars – encircling the tower at regular intervals – seem to float in the air as though in zero gravity. When the visitors get closer, they get a better view of the signs adorning the luminous totem. The aerial and futuristic aesthetic of these tall rectangular structures is inspired by the Deconstructivist architectural style. These "floating Deconstructivist designs" can be found in Bellecour, Cordeliers and Place Louis Pradel, symbolising today’s urban architecture and serving as illuminated landmarks during the Festival of Lights.

Abyss (2018)

Drawing inspiration from the principle of bioluminescence (generating light in complete darkness as some sea creatures are able to do), arcs of light form the dorsal fin of a huge mythical creature on Place Louis Pradel, which looks to have escaped from a Jules Verne novel. Continuing his inclination for interactive projects, Nicolas Paolozzi invites audiences to join together under his work of art. This fun and reflective installation responds to requests, moving over and over again according to random sequences triggered by spectators.

TOTEM (2018)

Welcome to the Festival! Nicolas Paolozzi's tall, sleek totems of light are beacons to help you find your way around the city. Once again this year, the five Indian-style totems will help you get your bearings as well as being perfect places for meeting up with friends before setting off to enjoy the Festival.