Rémi Brun

As a bio-mechanical engineer and sports enthusiast, Rémi Brun has taken a keen interest in movement, which he considers worthy of exploration in its own right, just like sound, for example. He is the founder and director of Mocaplab, an experimental laboratory focusing on motion capture. Fascinated by the beauty of motion, he seeks to convey this in his "sculptures", which give substance to the movements he has captured.

Rémi uses light to enhance movement, as could be seen in The Footballers, presented at last year's Festival of Lights to coincide with the UEFA Euro 2016.


By the same artist

Rugby Pass Path (2017)

Will you be able to recognise the famous rugby player captured making a three-quarter pass in full motion? Step into the match and admire the beauty of the movement, as well as the energy and power emanating, all depicted by strokes of light. What's amazing is how the trajectory of just a few points of moving light manage to sketch this sculpture and create such an easily recognisable shape! Let the magic take hold…

So, did you recognise the famous halfback?

 "Rugby Pass Path" pays homage to Lyon hosting the two TOP 14 rugby semifinals on May 25 and 26, 2018.

Funded by Serfim

Les Footballeurs (2016)

Forget what you know about football. Forget about materiality and physicality, and plunge into a match where players and ball are made of light, a moving light that pays tribute to the beauty of sports. But don't look for a seat in the bleachers! As both spectator and referee, you'll find yourself right in the middle of the action!