Tom Huet, Christine Richier, Julie Lola Lanteri, Frédérick Borrotzu and ENSATT School of Dramatic Art

The Bullukian Foundation programme supports innovative projects at the intersection of art and science. For the 2019 Festival of Lights, the gallery is hosting a collective creation, organised by Lyon University and the ENSATT School of Dramatic Art in the form of an artistic journey, featuring the Fabrique de l’Innovation, the Astech association, the Ecole Urbaine de Lyon, University Jean Moulin Lyon 3, University Lumière Lyon 2, Lyon INSA, Lyon CNSMD, the Lyon Mission Locale, the Martinière Duchère high school, Compagnie Eolo and the Champvert and Saint-Just Social Centre. In total, over 100 students from a range of courses have been supervised by an artistic team comprising the visual artist and musician Tom Huet and light designers Christine Richier and Julie-Lola Lanteri.

By the same artist

Les Rêveries Lumineuses de Léonard (2019)

The idea of this project is to create an optical cabinet of curiosities based on the work of Leonardo da Vinci to mark the 500th anniversary of his death. The work of the brilliant engineer, whether in the fields of art, science, technology or philosophy, has spurred the creation of a pathway featuring seven installations. Inspired by the Italian's work on shadow and light, this is an invitation to explore light machines and mechanical-optic installations. These fragments of an illuminated discourse shape a walk that is poignant, visual and acoustic. This participative project is a poetic interlude, shedding new light on the way in which Leonardo da Vinci's work can provide the impetus for a modern-day, collective artistic gesture.

Production: With Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 and IAE Lyon, Université Lumière Lyon 2 and Master MAAAV, INSA of Lyon and Sections Arts Plastiques-Etudes et Théâtre-Études, Fabrique de l’Innovation, Astech association, Ecole Urbaine de Lyon, CNSMD of Lyon et la classe de Composition à l’image, Mission Locale of Lyon, Compagnie Eolo, Centre social et culturel de Champvert, Centre social Saint-Just, Lycée la Martinière Duchère et la classe de BTS Biotechnologies.