Arboré'lum (2016)

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Arboré'lum (2016)

Plants take over the mineral world. Invaded by luminous creepers and giant weeds the grass platform becomes, as you watch, a field, an island or a garden. All around, clumps of lighted rushes invite contemplation. In sound and light, sap reproduces the cycle of the seasons and brings these urban plants to life, reminding you of the very essence of living things. 

Visual and graphic artist: Richard le Guezennec 
Lighting designer: Manu Théry 

Technical support: Ets J.Corne et Cie, Jean-Luc Guichard, Les Pilons Post Production Sonore and Capsa Container.


Sogelym Dixence

Atelier Erik Barray and Philippe Pupier


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Arboré'lum Arboré'lum Arboré'lum Arboré'lum