Ascension (2018)

The Hotel Dieu, Lyon 2
Ascension (2018)

The Cour Saint-Henri, nestling in the heart of the Grand Hôtel-Dieu, boasts a remarkable 18th century dome created by the architect Soufflot that is now a key feature of the Lyon skyline. This installation highlights the skyward aspect of this iconic part of the building. As night falls, the eight openings on the facade allow a subdued light to filter out from the inside of the building, as if it were drawing strength from within. The light then gets increasingly brighter, before soaring upwards, conquering the sky. Accompanied by classical music, a clever light show sweeps over the monument to reveal its powerful architectural features. In a spectacular finale, the white, blue and red lights merge together to shine solely on the angel on top of the dome.


Grand Hôtel-Dieu


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