Balāha (2017)

Video projection

Balāha, freely based on a Hindu legend, tells the story of a magical horse that escapes from starry vaults. Impetuous and curious, it looms up from the theatre seating area, drawing the spectators into its wake. Its gallops of light span the eras, covering the immense expanses of the Earth. They unveil the rich imagery of the world of horses, from the very first cave drawings to the iconic Trojan horse battering the theatre seating with its hooves. Once it has finally been tamed, the animal takes on the form of Louis XIV's horse as featured in the Place Bellecour, before joining the stars in a dazzling finale. This attraction transfigures this ancient site, combining illusion and poetry.



CNR and Métropole de Lyon

La Maison Production

Installations récompensée pour le Trophée des Lumières France 3

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Balāha Balāha Balāha Balāha