Colosses (2019)

Pont Bonaparte, Lyon 5
Colosses (2019)

Pont Bonaparte is the final bulwark against the power of the elements, and it’s here that a pair of mannequins – each 10-metres tall – hold back the piers of a bridge that seems to be threatened by the rising waters. With their feet in the Saône, the illuminated duo personifies the highly fragile nature of the structure and humans face-to-face with nature. Colosses is a metaphor for our irrepressible desire to tame the elements. The oversized figures sound like an admission of fragility in the face of the power of the river. A silent struggle, outcome unknown, is played out under the watchful eye of the helpless public to give them a better say in the dénouement. In short, it’s an installation that challenges our responsibility towards our environment.

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Project undertaken as part of the Rhône River Development Plan, co-financed by the European Union, the French Ministry of Ecological Transition and the VNF

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