Dans mon bocal (2018)

Repurposed objects
Public participation
Dans mon bocal (2018)

Dans mon bocal (In my jar) is a triptych made up of three video installations which explore the notion of containers and content. At the top, a building dominating the village seems to fill with water, like a giant fish tank in which a huge fish is struggling to swim. Big Aquarium gives the illusion of emptying and filling again ready for a shoal of scarlet fish. Further away, in the middle of the village, the Aquarium car is given the same treatment, but this time it is teeming with goldfish. Lastly, Cube Etrange exhibits a collection of Kilner jars which contain projections of animals, dancers, whirling women, fireworks, people making faces or blowing kisses. All these tiny microcosms are preserved for virtual eternity. A video system allows the public to capture their own image in a jar for a few seconds.


The Village

Les Machines à Images