Dundus, the Giants of Light (2014)

Live performance
Dundu, les géants de lumière (2014)

The Dundus are large puppets with a transparent, flexible body who stroll gently to the melodious sound of the kora, a harp from West Africa. Let them come close to you. Their almost human behavior is amazing.

In the end, Dundu, which is DU UND DU ("you and you") in phonetic German, is a metaphor for human life. Together, we can accomplish great things, and you are only one part of a whole.

They'll be waiting for you every evening during the Festival at Quai St. Antoine (near the Maréchal Juin Bridge) for two presentations at 8:30 p.m. and 11 p.m. Don't be surprised if you also cross the path of these unusual visitors on the streets of the Presqu'ile during the festivities.

In collaboration with Les Subsistances

Dundu in Lyon - Fête des Lumières from DUNDU on Vimeo.

Metro Line A - Cordeliers stop



Dundu compagny (Stuttgart – Germany)


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Dundu, les géants de lumière