Enoha fait son cinéma (2017)

Video projection

Imagine the Place des Terreaux turned into a huge open-air cinema, with the façades of the Hôtel de Ville and Art Museum as screens, celebrating the magic of cinema in the heart of the very city where it was invented! From the first silent movies to the world of westerns, science-fiction and musicals, this fast-moving show features cult scene after cult scene. Seven-year old Enoha and her mischievous, bumbling cat sneak into the film to guide us, with a certain naïveté and curiosity, through this irreverent excursion into the history of cinema. Pixel n'Pepper sweeps us up into a highly original adventure featuring stunning visual effects that is full of enthusiasm, mischief and generosity.

"Enoha fait son cinéma" accompanies the "Lumière! Le cinéma inventé" exhibition at the Confluences Museum from 13.06.17 to 25.02.18.

Entry only permitted from Rue Edouard Herriot



Project sponsored by EDF

Pixel'n Pepper


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Enoha fait son cinéma Enoha fait son cinéma Enoha fait son cinéma