Épouse-moi ! (2018)

Épouse-moi ! (2018)

Nearly 30 sets of street lights are strung across the entire length of Rue Edouard Herriot at regular intervals. From Place Bellecour to Place des Terreaux, this contemplative installation by Hexagone Illumination provides a beautiful literal and metaphorical perspective. The 30 brightly-lit arches are themed on the jewellery stores that line the high street. At the same time, they are like the banners you might find on a protest march, calling for the people to join as one. Each arch features ten intertwined rings set with pink and white diamonds, shining bright for all to see. The glittering pattern with its clever repetition sounds like a bewitching spell, conveying a cryptic message: make haste and marry me – Épouse-moi!


Hexagone Illumination