Fontaine d'étoiles (2016)

Major show
Fontaine d'étoiles (2016)

"Fontaine d'Etoiles" is a light show with sound design that pays tribute to all forms of art. A dozen high-definition polychrome tableaux are shown on the fountain, one after another, to highlight the four statues by artists Audran, Coustou, Delorme and Flandrin. Like a museum, the visual effects and light transitions invite you to a moment of contemplation in a magical setting.

With the support of Carrefour.


Dec. 8 to 10 | 8 p.m. to midnight


Projet parrainé par Carrefour.

Laser Movement

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Installation rewarded for Trophée des Lumières France 3

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Fontaine d'étoiles Fontaine d'étoiles Fontaine d'étoiles Fontaine d'étoiles