Genesis (2019)

Genesis (2019)

Taking St Jean Cathedral as their canvas, THÉORIZ Studio have been working for several years to design special tools capable of generating visual effects to bring out the full glory of its architecture.
The studio is responding to the dramatic climate crisis that we face by retelling the story of the origins of the world in sound and vision.  From the creation of the stars to the emergence of water, from the growth of plant life to the arrival of the first animals, from the birth of humanity to the advent of transport, from the industrial revolution to big data... the studio takes us through a series of tableaux right up to today's digital era. This spectacular light show looks back to the genesis of mankind and forward to our unknown future. 

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Sponsors: Enedis, Kaufman & Broad, IEFT School of Tourism, Mini World Lyon, Covivio, Icade, Delta Light and ALL Accor Live Limitless



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