Genius Scala (2017)

Light display
Due to bad weather, this installation is closed tonight (Sunday December 10).

Starting on the Esplanade de la Grande-Côte, walk down the iconic steps and enter the surrealist atmosphere of Genius Scala. For the Festival, the gardens below form the setting for a light display reminiscent of the Cannes Film Festival and the splendour of the Château of Versailles, accompanied by anecdotes and tales from the world of cinema.

Listening to the soundtracks, will you recognise these cult film scenes set on steps? Shirley Temple tap-dancing in Bojangles, Lisa Minnelli singing New York, New York or the scary staircase scene from The Exorcist? Get ready to have your senses challenged by experimenting with sets of mirrors that interfere with your visual cues and immerse you in the world of film artefacts.

Funded by Bouygues Energies & Services and Mondial Tissus