Interiors Gardens (2012)

Jardins Intérieurs (2012)

Nature takes over as night falls, in this flagship building of the new Confluence quarter, lit for the first time as part of the Fête des Lumières. Strange and gigantic plants seem to be growing in the moist atmosphere of an immense tropical greenhouse. They seem to invade the space, absorbing the light, transforming it into a dark green glow. Giant flowers, bursting with bright colour, emerge and open their petals. From outside the building, spectators experience the strength and exuberance of nature. Faced with this power, they appear small and vulnerable. Inside, the spectators are welcomed by a musical performance from the choir and the instrumental ensemble of the Concert de l’Hostel Dieu, under the musical direction of Franck-Emmanuel Comte.


Production PRG - Co-Production Région Rhône-Alpes