Jurassic Spark (2016)

Place Bellecour, Lyon 2
Light features
Jurassic Spark (2016)

Perched on an industrial container is Gustave: a life-size steel stegosaur, made by Romain Lardanchet in collaboration with the Fernand Forest vocational school.  Artist Mr ZL is covering it with a moving suit of light comprising LED's and floodlights which light up and go out in time with an ethereal and sparkling choreography reminiscent of the atmosphere of a simultaneously Jurassic and industrial era. Everything is bathed in an acoustic ambiance designed by Jean-Charles Daclin.

With the support CAPSA Container. In collaboration with Carrion TP.


Avec le soutien de CAPSA Container. Avec la complicité de Carrion TP.



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Jurassic Spark Jurassic Spark