The Sarabande of Magnificent Animals (2012)

Along Saône river banks, Lyon 1, Lyon 2, Lyon 5
La Sarabande des Animaux Magnifiques (2012)

Each following different paths, they crossed land and sea to reach Lyon. Bengal the tiger, Mala the cow, Langur the monkey, Hindi the elephant, Pavo the peacock and Naja the cobra all came together again to make up the « Sarabande of Magnificent Animals ». This fabulous bestiary comprising six giant puppets inspired by Indian traditions will process through the city throughout the Festival of Lights. Drawing the public into their imaginary journey, the illuminated animals dressed in shimmering colours and followed by their subjects will pass through the night like a dream. Whenever they stop for a few moments during their nocturnal walk, mysterious shadow puppet theatres will appear to enthrall the audience.


With the complicity of « les Subsistances »

Installations récompensée pour le The Récylum Sustainable Light Trophy (2012)