The Kiss (2010)

Le Bisou (2010)

When asked to blow a kiss on camera, local residents were keen to enter into the spirit of things. This harvest of love led to the video “Bon baisers de Lyon” (Love from Lyon), which was played in a loop on street lamps and through the windows of buildings on the square. As well as these extra large kisses blown at passers-by, the lights from the lampposts offer their embrace. This surreal distribution of big-hearted images in an incongruous setting brings a real poetic boost to everyday city life.

Played again at:
Fête du jardin 2012, Toulouse
Sapi Festival à Saint Jans Cappel 2012, Bailleul
Expos vagabondes de Salvagnac 2012
Alliance française de Turin 2012


With the collaboration of the association Les Vidéophages

La Trame