Les Cueilleurs de Nuages (2019)

Fourvière Hill, Lyon 5
Les Cueilleurs de Nuages (2019)

The starting point for this creation is an invention designed to harvest the water contained in the clouds to solve drought caused by global warming. This magical show follows the adventures of a family of giants collecting clouds to water a glowing flower, a fragile symbol of an endangered species. The public watches them playing with the clouds, trapping them and collecting water in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways. Thanks to a combination of light techniques, projections, mapping and a soundtrack by Enzo Izzi, the hill is metamorphosed into a boundless sky filled with clouds that are a precious source of life and inspire our dreams. A poetic interpretation of a natural cycle with a powerful environmental message.

On Sunday, December 8, this display will start at 7.20 pm due to the light show on the Saône.

Sponsors: COGEDIM, Solvay, VLS, Loxam, Vinci Immobilier, Nacarat, Colliers international, SEET Europole and Ceetrus

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