Light In (2012)

Light In (2012)

As a summer day, the square seems dotted with bouquet of flowers arching up towards the sky, reminiscent of a summer’s day. However, as night falls, these white flowers with their simple outlines become lampshades, towering over the space on their long stems. Adorned with a thousand colours, they orchestrate a symphony of light with changing hues. As members of the public wander through this light sculpture garden, they can bask in the their soft coloured lights by standing at the base of a bouquet as they survey the square at a glance and let themselves be hypnotised by the interplay of continuously changing lights.

Played again at :
« Biarritz s’habille de Lumières » 2012
Les « Asteras » in Amsterdam Light Festival 2013
Illuminations Tourcoing 2013
Dubaï festival of lights 2014