Météore (2017)

Light display
Due to bad weather, this installation is closed tonight (Sunday December 10).

Strange and surprising light effects appear over the Tony Bertrand watersports centre… a meteor passes overhead, revealing the skyline of the swimming pool. Emerging from the darkness, this UFO is attracted by the modern architecture of the edifice, moored like a ship to the banks of the Rhône. The intense light captured by the centre becomes light energy that interacts and spreads over the site, electrifying the building and revealing amazing objects levitating around the pillars each side of the pool.

This meteor, overflowing with energy, swirls above the swimming pool, lighting it up and sprinkling stardust over the building. In a dizzying ballet, the particles join together and then fall apart, providing a hypnotic aerial display. With subtle grace, they create waves of light that play with the aquatic reflections of the pools.

Funded by XD motion

City of Lyon public lighting department