Ovo (2010)

Ovo (2010)

A sensory experience inside a luminous egg, a symbol of birth, unity and perfection. This installation, with its soft light variations visible through a coloured haze, can be identified from a distance. The harmony and universality of the shape of this 6-metre high structure draws the spectator irresistibly towards it. It is surrounded by a pool and reflection is therefore cast by the lighting and by the silhouettes of the visitors. Visitors walk on a thin layer of water before disappearing into a metaphysical haze of fine water particles and entering a cocoon with constantly changing colours and lighting. Amidst the interplay of lights, visitors experience the sensation of intensity and of being drawn towards the heavens which emanates from the powerful energy of this magical and spellbinding egg.

Played again at :
Jerusalem Light Festival 2011
Switch On Beijing, Pékin 2012
Luminale 2012, Francfort
Nauryz 2013, Astana (Kazakhstan)
Festival Singapour 2013


Citeos, Comatelec and Perrier TP

ACT Lighting Design