Operatic perspectives (2010)

Perspectives Lyriques (2010)

What if the Théâtre des Célestins were redesigned? The magic of video with 3D effects transform the classical, symmetrical facade of this building to emphasize the richness of its lines, tracery and ornamentation in the manner of an architect’s sketch. These visual metamorphoses, which are deliberately restrained and pared-down, sketch out and trace the different geometric shapes and graphical mutations of the theatre. They reveal by turns the main lines of the building, vanishing points and perspectives. As a way of reviving memories of the operas which used to be performed in the building, spectators was invited to distort the facade of the building and to disrupt it using only the power of their voices or song by means of an ingenious voice control system. Quakes, vibrations and visual explosions therefore wake the ghosts of the opera house.

Played again at :
Nights Lights Singapour 2011
Neuchatel, 2011
Festival de Lumière Grand 2012



Lighting Process