Reflets (2018)

Fourvière Hill, Lyon 5
Video projection
Reflets (2018)

This immersive project with echoes of surrealism brings the memories hidden deep in the river Saône to the surface. As its title Reflets implies, the river’s multi-hued reflections  illuminate the facades along the quai Romain Rolland while its babbling gets louder. Gradually, fragments of local history, still alive in our memories or long dead, start to mingle with the colourful sounds emerging from the streets. Abstract relics of the past are projected on the buildings stretching from the Palais de Justice to Saint-Jean Cathedral. Then it is the turn of the hill and the basilica to reveal their colours, one impressionist brushstroke at a time - a becalming contrast to the jazzy graphics along the river banks - before being sucked beneath the surface of the river.  


Sponsored by Le Mat'Electrique - A Sonepar Company

La Maison Production


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