Sans dessus, dessous (2016)

Video projection
Major show
Sans dessus, dessous (2016)

Discover the climate and how it is changing with "Sans dessus, dessous", a creation made from light and images. A mad scientist in charge of climate and oceans chases after an owl that has disrupted the global machinery. You’ll travel the world with him, from the center of the Earth to the North Pole, to observe the extent of damage. Magical effects confront earth, water and air, demonstrating their complementarity and interdependence.

Illustrator - Romain Simon
Animation and Compositing- GYOMH / Stéfano Collavini / Sigurdur Hallmar Magnusson/ Julien David / Aline Frappier
Sound Design - David Couturier
Scenario - Joseph couturier and PakoCotrel


Project sponsored by EDF

Jacques Couturier Organisation


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Sans dessus, dessous Sans dessus, dessous Sans dessus, dessous Sans dessus, dessous