Step Up ! (2016)

Square du Boeuf, Lyon 5
Step Up ! (2016)

Switch on and create the light and sound ambiance on the Square du Bœuf! At the heart of a dynamic lighting scheme with saturated colours, the urban furniture in the square vibrates to the beat of electronic music. Climb onto the luminous slabs to switch on the installation’s lights and soundtrack, and together compose the ambiances which transform the square over the course of the evening!

Project sponsored by Europole. With the technical support of: L&dB, Hans Coffrage, Théâtre du Peuple and Subsistances.


Projet parrainé par Europole. Avec le soutien technique de L&dB, Hans Coffrage, Théâtre du Peuple et les Subsistances.

Collectif Foule Complexe


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Step Up ! Step Up ! Step Up !