Time for light (2017)

Fourvière Hill, Lyon 5
Video projection
Light display

In a symphony that cleverly combines light effects and music, the Orpailleurs de Lumière race against the clock to light up every nook and cranny of Fourvière hill. They don't have much time to depict the cycle of light, from sunset to sunrise. The Northern lights can already be seen on the riverside buildings! Hurry up, after the Cathedral and Law Courts, there are still places to enhance… including some of the best, such as the Basilica and, emerging from the shadows for the first time this year, the Jardins du Rosaire. The vertical lines of all the iconic buildings on the hill call out to each other in a magnificent, monumental show of lights.


Project sponsored by Le Mat'Electrique - Sonepar France

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Time for Light Time for Light Time for Light