Tisseur de vœux (2018)

Public creation
Light features
Tisseur de vœux (2018)

Make a wish! Talk to the heavens. Waiting and listening. The message is around you. Jaffa Lam has taken inspiration from this Chinese proverb for her installation Dreamweaver on the Place de la Bourse. Three huge metal hoops have been erected opposite the Palais du Commerce. Pieces of lace and crochet woven during participative workshops are attached to them. In the centre stands a screen on which you can see the wishes of the people of Lyon collected during workshops scrolling down. Three sections of wind instruments, like celestial megaphones, invite the spectators to make their own wishes. A poetic and highly symbolic artwork.


République Grolée-Carnot

BAAM Productions

Supported by France 3 Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes