TOWER (2019)

TOWER is a three-part artistic signage project designed to welcome the public and help them find their way around the city. From a distance, five glowing horizontal bars – encircling the tower at regular intervals – seem to float in the air as though in zero gravity. When the visitors get closer, they get a better view of the signs adorning the luminous totem. The aerial and futuristic aesthetic of these tall rectangular structures is inspired by the Deconstructivist architectural style. These "floating Deconstructivist designs" can be found in Bellecour, Cordeliers and Place Louis Pradel, symbolising today’s urban architecture and serving as illuminated landmarks during the Festival of Lights.


Thursday 5 and Sunday 8 from 7 pm to 11 pm 
Friday 6 and Saturday 7 from 8 pm to midnight


Technical support
In partnership with Luminoz / with the support of ATC