Nocturnal trance (2011)

Transe Nocturne (2011)

After « Let’s play with the game » in 2009, Marie-Jeanne Gauthé meets up again with the Place des Terreaux. Illuminating the square with a strange halo, then disappearing into the shadows, the Moon reveals its enchanting powers. The beings inhabiting the fountain emerge from their familiar universe for a ballet on the three façades: the harp transforms into multicoloured flashes of light and evokes allegories of rivers, the seahorses become laser horses galloping freely, with equines carried in their wake. In this instant of pure exhilaration, a woman attempts in vain to bring the scene under control. The Saint-Pierre building in turn starts a frenetic dance, contorting itself, in spectacular 3D effects, to the sounds of a lively and rhythmic musical score. Then everything crumbles, the façades slowly collapse into detached pieces of architecture, to be reborn under the glow .... of a crescent moon.




Installations récompensée pour le Trophée of Lights (2011)