Three illuminated dresses (2012)

Salle Molière, Lyon 5
Trois Robes Lumineuses (2012)

Lighten by projected images, the fibre optic dresses of Kim Taegon come to life and invite the spectator to give free rain to their imagination. A substantial technical achievement  with 3D weaving.  

« An image which reflects what I want to become is projected onto a fibre optic dress. Through the medium of the dress, I can imagine that I am inside the image, as if I were wearing what I wanted to be. This picture dress changes according to my whim. Each dress on display tells its own story. »

Played again at :
Lumière Festival Durham 2013


With the support of Salle Molière, Flux Lighting – Luminaires à Led et fibre optique

Galerie Roger Tator