Un songe forain (2016)

Place Bellecour, Lyon 2
Video projection
Major show
Un songe forain (2016)

With "Un songe forain," plunge freely into the ancient yet contemporary world of carnivals. The Ferris wheel pays a first tribute to this dizzying world as images spin and follow one another: a merry-go-round, cotton candy, a knife thrower, a strongman...

At roller-coaster speed, you are transported from the sky to the center of the Earth. The colorful evocation of this festive world will stir childhood memories that are still alive inside you.

Project sponsored by Citeos, Revolt, Solvay, Miniworld Lyon, Colliers International, Guzzini.


Projet parrainé par Citeos, Revolt, Solvay, Miniworld Lyon, Colliers International, Guzzini.

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Un songe forain Un songe forain Un songe forain Un songe forain