The 2018 edition in figures...

A study organized by the City of Lyon and Festival of Lights partner Orange measured the number of people in specific areas during the Festival and their movements.​

This study showed that attendance at the Festival of Lights remained high this year, totalling 1.8 million visitors over the 4 Festival evenings, as in 2017. 100,000 foreign visitors came to Lyon for the Festival of Lights, with the top five countries represented being Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Germany and the UK. 260,000 hotel nights were booked in Lyon over the 4 days.


►1.8 MILLION SPECTATORS, including 51% from the RHÔNE




230,000 visitors entered the Parc de la Tête d’or, which once again featured in the Festival of Lights programme, to admire Présages, the poetic installation by Marie-Jeanne Gauthé and Géraud Périole.

80,000 people headed for the Hôtel de Ville to enjoy Tricolore, an immersive work featuring a contemporary use of laser beams.

Another iconic Lyon site that returned to the Festival of Lights programme this year was the Grand Hôtel-Dieu, which reopened its doors last spring after several years of renovation work and attracted 70,000 visitors.

At the Museum of Fine Arts, where 50 amateur pianists took it in turns over the four evenings to illuminate the surroundings with their music, 65,000 people strolled through the garden's alleyways.

At the Odéon antique theatre, the work of Yu Da Ba Jiao resulting from a French-Chinese collaboration, attracted 50,000 visitors.

The Fourvière district and Colline des Expés attracted a significant and continuous flow of visitors throughout the four evenings of the Festival.

The Lumignons du Coeur - Place Sathonay

4 evenings of solidarity

160 volunteers rallied together every evening to light the 15,000 small candles, creating the installation known as the Lumignons du Coeur.

84,500 euros were raised for the Lyon-based association Dr Clown, which entertains hospitalised children.