The 2019 Festival of Lights: facts and figures

The Festival of Lights remains a popular public event which was not marred by widespread industrial action across France. Everyone was extremely impressed by the artistic quality of the programme. Spectators were able to admire the artworks in a welcoming and calm atmosphere despite the crowds that flocked to the city on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

The City of Lyon joined forces with Orange, a Festival of Lights partner, to collect and analyse attendance statistics based on Orange mobile phone signals. The findings confirmed stable attendance figures with the Festival attracting 1.8 million visitors during the four-day event.

- 230,000 visitors flocked to the Parc de la Tête d’or to marvel at Regarde by Groupe F.

- 195,000 people watched Genesis by Theoriz unfurl on the façade of Saint Jean Cathedral.

- 49,200 spectators crowded into the courtyard of the MHL, Lyon History Museum, to admire Nocturne by Julia Dantonnet and Stanislas Riedacker.

- Another emblematic site, the Grand Hôtel-Dieu, hosted CODA, a light show attracting 40,000 visitors.

6.6 million passengers travelled on Lyon’s public transport network which was manned by 2,000 staff in the evenings.


4 nights of generosity
More than 400 volunteers were on hand to light the 15,000 candles on the Lumignons du Coeur fresco. €61,000 was raised for the non-profit APF France Handicap.