Behind the scenes ...

Lenoir has partnered with the Festival of Lights since 2008, being particularly involved in the Lumignons du Cœur campaign. The company specialises in architectural metalwork, sheet metal joinery and mirror making. Let’s take a look behind the scenes in the company’s workshops where the teams are busy preparing for this year’s festival. 

The Lyon-based company both sponsors and builds the installation. This year they took on the challenge of reproducing a number of buildings overlooking the Saône and Rhône rivers. APF France Handicap, the non-profit which is the beneficiary of this year’s Lumignons du Cœur campaign was delighted by the project and impressed by the “sense of detail” of the teams at Lenoir. Project Leader Christian Feltrin talks us though some of the technical details: “We have reproduced the façades of a number of buildings over a 2 x 21-m area. It took us a week to create the layouts based on photos of the river banks. Some of the aluminium sheets are 4.5 m high and they have the exact number of windows and the right number of window panes with a sill where led candles can be placed.”

An unpainted façade © Ville de Lyon

“Making façades for the Festival of Lights was right up our street as building façades is our core business,” adds CEO Didier Lenoir. “In the middle of the fountain in place de la République, we will be installing the structure with 120 mirrors which we used last year on place Sathonay. Every evening, APF volunteers will light between 4 and 5,000 thousand floating candles,” says Céline Gallice, production manager in the Events Department.

According to Cécile Delille-Duriez, Philanthropy, Fundraising and Partnership project leader, this installation is perfectly compatible with APF’s goals: “Our aim is to ensure that people with a disability can live together in the city with everyone else - with all our differences and particularities.” “The Lumignons du Coeur installation is an artwork in its own right. Our pledge is that the first candle sold for the charity yields a net profit of two euros,” explains Céline Gallice.  According to Cécile Delille-Duriez: “It’s a thought-provoking installation which provides a moment of calm in the bustle of the Festival, a time for meeting and sharing with a very positive message.” Save the date!

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Some photos

The first step: creating the layout From left to right: Anthony Mahé, Cécile Delille-Duriez, Christian Feltrin, Céline Gallice, Didier Lenoir Welding the steel supports Sanding the aluminium structure Priming the set ready for painting Detail of a building Painting the sets in the workshop The final result