Lyon and Zigong: In the Spotlight Together

Lyon's Festival of Lights has become a model for cities around the world. Festival teams are regularly asked to provide expertise and contribute to the organization of lighting events internationally. After Dubai, Helsinki and Shanghai comes London: early in January of this year, the city organized its first light festival over a four-day period, with the participation of several artists from Lyon. 

For Georges Képénékian, First Deputy Mayor of Lyon for Culture and Major Events, "It is a great honor for us to participate in the famous Zigong Lantern Festival, which is part of a long historical tradition, just like the Festival of Lights in Lyon. I am pleased that our collaboration has led to the exchange of artistic creations and to the enhancement of our reputation for specific know-how. This is all the more significant for us because Lyon has had a special relationship with China since the beginning of the Silk Road."

During nearly two months in late 2015, 18 craftsmen from Zigong made over 500 lanterns, which were installed in Lyon on Rue de la République from December 9 to January 4, 2016.

This creation will be featured again in the 2016 Festival of Lights and complemented with the installation of a giant koi carp over a water basin.

At the same time, three artistic teams were in residence at Zigong to design lighting projects using the techniques and know-how of Chinese craftsmen.

The City of Lyon participates in the Lantern Festival from January 22 to March 7 with three teams of artists from Lyon, who offer a new or reworked creation:

  • Cristina Di Pasquali and Pierre Ranzini  propose an adaptation of Before the Words, a work presented at the 2014 edition of the Lyon Festival of Lights.
  • Stéphane Masson has also reworked his creation entitled Supercube, which was presented in Lyon in 2014, as a tribute to France in the center of Zigong.
  • Finally, Philippe Morvan, an artist who has participated several times in the Lyon Festival of Lights, has created an original work for the Lantern Festival. It features a set of circles that call traditional Chinese drums to life in the old village of Zigong.

The three works will remain in China after the Lantern Festival to be presented at other light festivals.


Ku-tchu from baptiste molliard on Vimeo.