Smart visitor tips


To ensure you enjoy the Festival of Lights to the full:

• Plan the route you want to take beforehand or follow the suggested itineraries.

• Download the Fête des Lumières app (Android or iOS)

• Take your camera or smartphone and make sure the batteries are fully charged!

• Dress for all weathers with comfy clothes... and walking shoes ;o)

For the best possible experience:

• It's a good idea to travel on public transport. The metro, tram and certain bus lines run more frequently and later than usual. If you are feeling energetic, you can put your comfy shoes on and walk into the city centre.

• There are entry points to the Festival of Lights perimeter every 100 m. Pedestrians can exit the area freely. Refer to the map for help.

• Ask at one of the four information points (wooden kiosks) if you need help or advice. They also sell Lumignons du Coeur candles for charity (the APF France Handicap association).

• Baby buggies are impractical and bicycles are not allowed inside the Festival of Lights perimeter.

• To stay up to date with the latest news: #FDL2019 and check out the social media: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Now, you are ready to go. Have fun!