8 reasons to (re)visit Lyon

1 ♦ Pay tribute to gastronomy

These restaurant chefs are members of the professional association "Toques Blanches Lyonnaises"

In Lyon, good eating has been considered as an essential part of life since Roman times! In the early twentieth century, the “Mothers” of Lyon added their special know-how to fine dining with high-quality “home-style” cuisine. Among these talented cooks, Mère Brazier entered gastronomical legend by becoming the first woman to receive three stars twice in the 1933 Michelin Guide. Gastronomical tradition has been maintained most notably by Paul Bocuse and his culinary disciples. Today, chefs like Philippe Gauvreau, Guy Lassausaie and Christian Têtedoie bring new blood to Lyon.


2 ♦ Stroll through Old Lyon

Saint-Georges churh on the Saône riverbanks © M.Chaulet - Ville de Lyon

During the Renaissance, Lyon witnessed strong development in textiles and manufacturing, in particular because of two, then four, annual fairs, where the city forged its reputation in silk production. Merchants, bankers and members of the social, intellectual and artistic elite came from all over Europe to install themselves in Lyon. The Vieux-Lyon district conserves the memory of this prosperous epoch. In 2014, the district’s three neighborhoods – Saint-Paul, Saint-Jean and Saint-Georges – celebrated fifty years as a listed zone.  



3 ♦ Discover the Confluence district

Inner harbor at the Confluence © M.Chaulet - Ville de Lyon

Built in a unique area between the Saône and Rhône, Lyon’s Confluence district was primarily a site for shipping and trading until the late twentieth century. Since 1999, the district has benefitted from a redevelopment program designed to create a new urban center. This former industrial brownfield is currently being transformed into one of the most sustainable and exemplary districts in Europe.



4 ♦ Bike wherever you like with Vélo’v

Featuring free use for thirty minutes to an hour, depending on the type of subscription, Vélo’v bicycles are available to everyone for traveling from one point in the city to another. It’s also possible to use them even longer for a very reasonable fee. Simple, original and practical, they allow visitors to discover the city in a hassle-free way. With the Vélo'v system, no less than 4,000 bikes at 340 stations are ready for you to use in Lyon and Villeurbanne.


5 ♦ Roam the Rhône riverbanks

On the Rhône riverbanks © M.Chaulet - Ville de Lyon

The left bank of the Rhône has undergone remarkable development. It has been redesigned over the five kilometers between Raymond Poincaré Bridge (city limit of Villeurbanne and the 6th arrondissement of Lyon) and the entrance to Gerland Park ("Porte du Rhône" – 7th arrondissement of Lyon). They welcome you to a calm, enjoyable stroll in the city center.

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6 ♦ Take a deep breath at Tête d'Or Park

Located along the Rhône, Tête d’Or Park covers 105 hectares. You can enter it through one of seven gateways. The most remarkable of these is the Enfants du Rhône gateway, which opens on the panorama of a 16-hectare lake, at the the center of a landscaped composition. A zoo and botanical garden round out the natural features which make the park the “green lungs” of the city.

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7 ♦ Visit the Gallo-Roman theater

The history of Lyon, which was known at the time as Lugdunum, began in the first century B.C. Historians generally consider that the city was founded on October 9, 43 B.C., by a Roman legate, on what is now Fourvière Hill. The Gallo-Roman theaters are the most visible remains of this historical heritage.


8 ♦ Celebrate with the residents of Lyon

The Festival of Lights is a very popular occasion, where people get together in the streets in the most natural way. All year long, numerous events bring the city to life in a spirit of sharing and friendliness. These include the Nuits Sonores (Indie and electronic music), biennials (dance and contemporary art), the Lumière Film Festival, Fourvière Nights (arts of the stage), Quais du Polar (crime fiction) and the Assises Internationales du Roman (International Forum on the Novel). Come and share these festive moments with us!